Real Canadian Gamers

Elaine Gusella

Gamer & Mother

Montréal, QC

Elaine is a gamer, and a mother with a background in literature. Elaine has used games as a way to express storylines, engage with family and more recently she stepped into a career in game development. Elaine is an active member of Pixelles, a game dev community, and believes in the power of games.

Davey Cook

Gamer & Artist

Split Lake, MB

Davey is an artist who enjoys the simplicity and flow of many genres and applies this to his teachings in Split Lake, Manitoba. An avid gamer, Davey believes in the power of games as both entertainment and an art form.

Craig Wisehart

Gamer & Grandfather

Vancouver, BC

Craig is a gamer, and a grandfather with a background in computer science. Craig has played games for decades and using them in his downtime and to socialize and connect with family. He is an active gamer of a certain age and believes in the power of games.

Steve Saylor

Gamer & Accessibility Advocate

Toronto, ON

Steve is a gamer, and an accessibility advocate; Steve is blind and he brings his experience to everything he does – Steve’s a podcaster, radio host, YouTube Gamer, Graphic Designer, and College Professor. You may know him for his popular YouTube series ‘Blind Gamer’.

Jord Farrell

Gamer & Artist

Toronto, ON

Jord is an artist who works with the medium of games. Over the past 7+ years, he has released over 100+ games into the world. He also dedicated himself to making a new piece of art every single day without fail, as of writing he is almost at a year.