Why Canadians Play

When asked how gaming helped during the pandemic, Canadians shared their personal experiences providing insight into how gaming is an important source of joy and entertainment during these difficult times. Canadians find that gaming helps them relax and stay busy during quarantine.
Fifty-seven percent of Adult gamers said that playing video games while required to remain at home improved their mental health.  This was even higher in Teen gamers which 65% reporting improved mental health from playing games.
Forty-three percent of Adult gamers said that video games helped them stay connected to their friends while required to isolate at home.  This increased to 70% in Teen gamers who were surveyed.
Parents are finding that gaming is helping them spend more time with their children. Families and partners are enjoying gaming together and find that it helps them stay connected if they are located in different parts of a city or the country.

Canadian Video Game Market

Sales for video game console hardware is up 58% year-over-year, and contributes 43% of all dollar gains. Almost 250k more units of hardware have been sold this year vs last year. Every category has grown, software, hardware, and gamer cards; software, includes physical software plus digital full game software, contributes 40% of all gains.